by Michele Nox

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I'd like to thank everyone who inspired me to create something from a place of love. With your patiences and encouragement I was able to venture into my deepest darkest shadows and come out transformed. I'd also like to thank those who shunned the idea of exposing my inner truths, it is their ignorance that drives me to become more knowledgable and above all more compassionate.

This album is for you

Thank you!


released September 27, 2016

Michele Nox on vocals, programming, guitar, piano, synth, production for every track except guitar on Torch was co-written by Scott Harwood (aka Scott Hardware) on guitar for Mono, Torch and heaven as well as bass on Boa.

My soul twin Carli Cottrell (aka Damiun) on back up vocals for Torch and Heaven

Dan Lee on live drums for Boa

I'd also like to thank April for allowing me access to an amazing recording studio for capturing the live drums on Boa, Mike Roy for the mastering of Mono (distorted mix), Mayana for your help with the website and last but not least my angel Melissa Matos for helping me produce and record the video for Seven.

Thank you all so much for your faith in my project and life in general. I love you!!



all rights reserved


Michele Nox Montréal, Québec

Her music resonates in the aching heart, but it is a well far deeper than simple romance. Her songs evoke the agony of love, the obsessions and self-destruction of the ego, the vain longing for meaning. Whether backed by raw guitar or awash in transcendent electronic swells, Michele’s voice is the constant. It is that piercing light in the fog, beckoning you to take the risk of feeling deeply. ... more

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Track Name: Poison
I can't relive this hurt by loving
I can't release my heart
it's all I've given now to be forgiving
just as I fall apart

I can relate to someone so deserted
he comes from miles, light years away
I cannot hide from all this madness granted I've conformed to his darkest ways
I've followed many men before
kept crawling till my knees were bone
I've mirrored every one and learned to give my self to no one

so if you see my lover
tell him my new friend
is built like a race horse muscles and a mane blowing in the wind
and I've seen yours baby
he looks quite like me
but no will ever come close to me
throw that shit into the fire.
Track Name: Mono
such a fool my baby boy
guess you can't be my lover with a metal heart
i can't remember remember if you dance or die
i can't control can't control who i'm falling for

but i don't wanna fall for you
oh i have cried so many nights
and i don't wanna fall for you
with you i've died already twice

you're no good for me
but i let you fuck me so good, baby.
Track Name: Boa
body full of sweat sliding from my sheets
well fed i can tell
with a kiss he leaves
losing himself
his identities
but i could never settle with the slithering

feels like the more i try
i quake

one strike i'd cuss i'd bleed
maybe just a lesson meant to learn in grief
sinking deep with his needle teeth
around my neck and tightening

what if it burns me deeply
to ashes from an ember, soon
i'll try not to remember

tore myself apart
to be closer to you
and just when you think he'll stay he goes
kicking the dust up
he knows
that i don't need him

oh mon dieu
he's veiling the lies with shades of a saviour
and it makes me colder
as i collect
the debts of the failures i cannot forget

but still i crave do i submerge do i restrain
an embrace becomes a tether once again
i am prying for the answer

so i tear myself apart
i get closer
and just when you think he'll stay he goes
kicking the dust up
he knows
that i don't
really need him to save me from this abyss
Track Name: Torch
claws up to me
i slide my hand to reach
covered legs in scares
he touched my soul beyond all

i came to see you in the night
when you would wait for me pacing, pacing
for you the time would sprawl
but it wasn't you at all

something that i couldn't see
something that i can't believe

so you carry on
i carry on
like a carrion
but my love's for you
Track Name: Heaven
such a pretty face
i want you to know my name
maybe you can show me heaven
think i'm gonna love this

come by my way
take me for a smoke in the ally
oh what you do to me
i can't find the words to explain

think i saw you one day
riding with some boys
your messy hair blowing
in the wind, making noise
like a wild dog howling at the moon made me swoon
and i never thought i'd see you again

under his spell i came looking for an end
so many told me of his truths and delusions
but i was weak and his words were heroin
i melted by his touch like a burning ember in his hands
Track Name: Seven
my severed love
weathered and worn
i served my time
so don't ask me why

seven seven seven
i'm calling
can you hear me
i'm i healing

each night i ask in dreams
that you return to me
but behind my eyes
i've set the devil free
and he's coming for you baby

all the memories
are purging dangerously
i beg you to leave me
Track Name: She Sheds Her Skin
some may stay
some may forfeit
safe in their scene
but i'll have memories

what happens next?
where will we head?
when i've had enough

don't say "you don't know"
you don't need to know

we'll see
we'll see
Track Name: Coral
Listen to the waves as they crash above me
must I wait forever dazed and dying
take me away before I wake and realize
nothing is real
no one is mine
and i've lost my fire.

to risk your life
you wanted this, right?
you know there's nothing else
don't you?

only voice i have left to rule with pride
and I trust the moon the tide
be on my side
and i'll hold-hold on
to let go would be to lose my worth
to know that no one can ever bring me down
you've got me singing

all night and day
with your heart in hand
we'll go far
so far